A New Era Begins

Now that the wedding has come and gone we can now switch our focus from wedding preparation to other jobs around the farm. It does not seem as a coincidence that as Sarah   Norman moves on to a new era in her life as Sarah Travers, the bride of Mark Travers, that the farm now open a new chapter in its operations as well, meat being a new name in the game. Now Andrew and I start preparation for the fifteen pigs coming to One Straw farm. Over the winter the idea came to us, why not provide the opportunity for customers to buy some One Straw pork if they want it, as we all know pork is the perfect complement to kale or collard greens. So come one, come all, we now begin operations in the meat market for the taste buds of our ever loyal CSA customers!

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  1. This is fantastic about adding pork and I am definitely interested. Will CSA members get more information on this later in the season?

  2. Yes we will send out more information once we really get the operation underway and the pigs are on the property. As of now we are still figuring out the logistics of raising the pigs, but have no worry, our CSA customers will be the first to know about getting pigs.

  3. How do you keep her ‘being a kid’.She is 10 and she is just “fun”. She was out playing basaltbkel with her grandmother when the “pink floyd” shots where taken. We have the treehouse, the swing set, the basaltbkel – and they want to set up a ramp to jump the bikes over. They still play with boxes in the basement when we get them. Give Megan a white board and some markers and there will be some time spent too. Video camera – instant movies.

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