A Taste of Home

This past weekend I hopped on a plane bound for Baltimore, to return home and visit my family and farm. My return home was met with a family dinner of NY strip steak, and a fresh One Straw Farm salad, words cannot describe how much I missed a home cooked meals with food fresh from the fields. The next day while my brother and I were out running some errands, my parents went to go pick up our butchered pig from a local farm nearby, which will be the meat we consume over the next year (sadly I will miss most of the pig, and probably all of the bacon). On Sunday we had a family lunch and my grandfather, Daddy Da, Aunt Joan and Uncle Drew came over to enjoy another fantastic home meal for me and share conversation and company. Last night I had to hop back on the plane, and while I enjoy my new surroundings up north, there is always a pit down inside when I have to leave my family behind. I look forward to returning in November for Thanksgiving break, but in the meantime I now have a camera, so I can begin providing pictures of the great white north (well actually its quite colorful this time of year).

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  1. sarah and Mark says:

    We missed seeing you this weekend. Glad to hear you got some real food in you to help sustain you till november. Take LOTS of pictures of VT I miss it! xo

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