A Taste of Home

This past weekend I hopped on a plane bound for Baltimore, to return home and visit my family and farm. My return home was met with a family dinner of NY strip steak, and a fresh One Straw Farm salad, words cannot describe how much I missed a home cooked meals with food fresh from the fields. The next day while my brother and I were out running some errands, my parents went to go pick up our butchered pig from a local farm nearby, which will be the meat we consume over the next year (sadly I will miss most of the pig, and probably all of the bacon). On Sunday we had a family lunch and my grandfather, Daddy Da, Aunt Joan and Uncle Drew came over to enjoy another fantastic home meal for me and share conversation and company. Last night I had to hop back on the plane, and while I enjoy my new surroundings up north, there is always a pit down inside when I have to leave my family behind. I look forward to returning in November for Thanksgiving break, but in the meantime I now have a camera, so I can begin providing pictures of the great white north (well actually its quite colorful this time of year).

5 thoughts on “A Taste of Home

  1. sarah and Mark

    We missed seeing you this weekend. Glad to hear you got some real food in you to help sustain you till november. Take LOTS of pictures of VT I miss it! xo

  2. Maria

    Jeri – Steve,Your pictures are buetuifal. I love to look at your work. One of these days I will get my home in order and find a place to hang one of your photos. Talk to you soon.Jeri

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