Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s basically a produce subscription service.


What does it mean to be a shareholder?
During the growing season, CSA members receive a weekly share of the farm’s harvest. This is delivery of fresh, local, delicious vegetables, coming straight from our farm to your table.


How do I get my weekly share?
We have a map of all our drop off sites as well as market locations on our website. Please note: that you must purchase a full share in order to pick up at a drop off site. Half shares are only available at market sites.


How does the CSA work?
The customer prepays in advance for their CSA subscription with One Straw Farm. Participation in the CSA is on a first come, first serve basis. Meaning that the sooner you sign up, the sooner your spot is secured for the growing season. Once your subscription is secured, when the growing season begins we will deliver your share to your specified drop off site or market location for you to pick up.


Tell me about seasonal eating.
Seasonal eating means that you will grow accustom to eating foods that are grown in the spring, then summer, then fall. We think it lends itself to being a tasty, healthy, and educational process.


Can I specify what produce comes in my share?
No. We choose what goes into a pickup site share. If you need to choose your items, then we do offer choice pickups at the market sites (this does not include My Organic Market).


What size share should I get?
A full share is 8 items per week. A half share is 4 items per week


If I cancel can I get a refund?
No, once you join the CSA your spot is secured for the entire growing season.


What happens if I don’t pick up my share?
For every 10 shares, each site receives one share to donate to a charity of their choice. If you do not pick up your share, it will be donated to the charity of your site.


What happens if I go on vacation?
You may have a neighbor, friend or family member come and pick up your share, or it will be donated.


Can I switch share types mid-season?
Only if you are going up in share size.


Can you tell me what I will receive in my share in advance?
No, due to the changes in weather we can not post every crop that will be in your share each week. It’s a surprise each week


Where can I get information on how to prepare my food I receive each week?
Our website is full of great recipes sent in by CSA members as well as some recipes we have created ourselves.


What can I expect in my share as the season progresses?
Anywhere from 4 to 8 different crop varieties depending on season, share size and availability.


Example of a Half Veggie Share:
1 quart of zucchini
1 quart of tomatoes
1 head of lettuce
1 bunch of beets


Can I make crop suggestions for the farm?
Absolutely! We enjoy hearing from our shareholders especially about new unique plants to grow for food!


Do I have to pay for my CSA share all in advance?
Yes, in order to fully secure your spot for the season, you must pay in advance.


How do I purchase my CSA?
You can purchase a One Straw Farm CSA share by visiting our website You may choose to either pay via credit card or you can mail in your check to:
One Straw Farm
19718 Kirkwood Shop Rd.
White Hall, MD 21161


Can I split my share with a family member/friend?
Yes, but it is up to you to figure out the details of picks up and who gets what each week.