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Maryland Farm and Harvest Episode 106

Maryland Farm and Harvest Episode 405


Here are videos that my brother Patrick has filmed and edited. Every video is packed with both information and a visual experience of how the vegetables at One Straw Farm go from seed to store, and even show some other activities that go on around the farm. This is the best way for you, the customer, to really become immersed in the experience of a local farmer. The video library is always being updated, to be sure to check out the video scroll every so often as to be sure not to miss one. Enjoy!


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  1. As Drew’s father and Peter’s grandfather, I was there when One Straw Farm was started. The family is proud of how far you’ve come. Keep up the good work.

  2. I was on flip board reading a article from the Baltimore sun on Kale and they stated your farm. I decided to take a look for my self love the work your doing.

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