Rainy Day Cleanup

Wedding preparations for Sarah have begun. First on the list, cleanup the farm. We first started our with some necessary painting of the house and barns; after staining the buildings with a new coat they look fresh and new. Then Andrew took charge of making a new garden bed in the back of the house, complete with some cool granite slabs of monstrous proportion. Now we are working on cleaning up un-needed scrap metal and parts around the property to clean up the barnyard and the fields. Today the rain has been falling at a steady pace as we have been trying to cleanup enough scrap metal to construct a barn of its own (I will get pictures of the mass of metal). Rain or shine we will work to clean up the property to the point where I can put a personalĀ guaranteeĀ that One Straw Farm will have a cleaner look upon your next visit. The season has begun folks.

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