Suggestions and Thoughts

Post any suggestions, or thoughts here. Feel free to write about your own recipies that you use for our produce; we are thinking of making a cookbook soon, and we would love to feature customer recipies within it, as you are all as much a part of One Straw as anyone else.

9 Responses to Suggestions and Thoughts

  1. debra williams says:

    have a great recipe for corn, tomato, peach salad with champagne vinagrette
    anyone interested?

  2. Peter says:

    sounds delicious

  3. Helen Elmore says:

    There is nothing likea family, sharing a good meal and conversation.

  4. Margaret Bryant says:

    Joan, Sending a big thank you for the wonderful strawberry plants that Jackson brought home last week!! I’m harvesting them today..hope it’s not too are so sweet..Love, Margaret and Ric

  5. Jeff Dinger says:

    How many of y’all go to the Farm to pick-up and how many of you pick up at a drop-off spot?

  6. joan says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I can answer that question. There are 96 people who pick up at the farm, everyone else picks up at a pickup site.

  7. joan says:

    I want that recipe! Somehow I missed this entry. Please send it to me

  8. Brownie Barker says:

    I just heard the Marc Steiner broadcast and overall I think you were great. I would like to correct you on one comment you made – that you don’t get a government subsidy – actually you do – not much of one – you probably couldn’t fill your tank with it but then I don’t think anyone keeps tabs.

    At the Waverly market you can use your SNAP ((food stamps) to buy tokens – if someone gives you a token for your wonderful produce – because such a choice is alot healthier than the other choices they may have, you are in essence receiving a subsidy from the USDA – who runs the program and issues the money.

    In 1939 farmers were producing food in abundance but due to the Depression their customers couldn’t afford food so farmers were going broke too. The food stamp program was designed as a cure. The program operated by permitting people on relief to buy orange stamps equal to their normal food expenditures; for every $1 worth of orange stamps purchased, 50 cents worth of blue stamps were received. Orange stamps could be used to buy any food; blue stamps could only be used to buy food determined by the Department to be surplus.

    Today the bulk of the SNAP payments goes to the likes of Walmart, Giant even Whole Foods who buy their produce and meats from around the world. So today the food stamp program designed to help American farmers gives at best a trickle to American farmers and huge subsidies to farmers in China, India Brazil and Mexico and the retailers who sell such products.

    The 2012 appropriation for food stamps was $71 BILLION dollars. It is the largest part of the food bill. What would happen if they put in amendment saying 50% of that must must be spent on food grown in the USA, or one where you got double value buying directly from a farmer?

  9. Peter says:

    Your idea that SNAP should be used for US farmers; and not subsidize ‘non US farmers’ is brilliant. It thrills me to think of
    what that money would do if it was kept in the US.

    In my mind, SNAP allows consumers access to our produce. Incorrectly or not, I thought of that as a subsidy to them, not me.

    We have also gotten EQUIP money for soil conservation. It was not income, but paid for soil conservation improvements to keep soil on our farm and not in the bay. I do not see that as income we still bear some of the cost.The cost soil conservation is a benefit to all, not just the farmer. To me, government subsidies are income to the recipient. Even in EQUIP, we do not make money. but it pays some for the costs to improve soil conservation.

    The best argument for One Straw Farm getting a subsidy was the cost sharing program for our organic certification fee. The Government reimbursed us for 75% of our fee ($500). That could be considered income. So I stand corrected. We do receive a subsidy, $375 for that reimbursement.