A New Greenhouse

Yesterday we began putting up our shelter for the pigs in the field, which happens to be a greenhouse. When used for growing plants, greenhouses are enclosed and their purpose is to trap in solar energy within the house, and regulate the amount of sunlight that permeates the glass or plastic that can reach the plants. Many greenhouses are also designed to to blog passing wind to further control the indoor heat and atmosphere. In order to further regulate sunlight you can attach layers of dark shade cloth to the top of the house. Because ours is going to be used as a cover for animals, the purpose is going to be to keep them cool. This  means that we have to keep the front and back, as well as a portion of the sides of the house open for air to be able to pass through to keep it cooler. Also, we are going to add an extra layer of shade cloth to the top, so as to block as much sunlight as we can from reaching the pigs in order to keep them cool.

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